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Monday, 15 November 2010

Voodoo De Luxe - Royal Burlesque Revue, Milano Italy.

Wow, I've just had the most stressfully amazing weekend I've had in a long time!
I went to Milan to perform at an incredible venue called the Casa Del Musica, they were hosting The Royal Burlesque Revue with Voodoo De Luxe.
Special thanks to Transport for London for nearly making me miss my flight and making me cry, and also to Alitalia for leaving my bags in London. (I got my luggage back less than 30 minutes before the doors opened!)
But, regardless of the stress etc... The show was absolutely amazing with other performances from Millie Dollar and Chrys Columbine.
Here are some photos from my fan dance, and my new fire performance. The majority are taken by

Grazia Teresella Breva

And, Now for the fire...........


I love these photos so much, I think they capture the essence of my 30's fan dance, and the Art Deco Fire Circus perfectly. 
I hope to be in Milan again very soon.

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  1. wouuuua i love all what you doing it's really good, If i can i wish do that too ! adn I want to see one of your performances !!
    bravo !!