Missy Macabre - Fire Performer, Female Fakir, and Daredevil Showgirl

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

During the last month or so I have been in talks with Ripley's Believe it or Not museum in Picadilly Circus.
They are to have a live exhibit of remarkable people with remarkable skills. (I am wondering if this is their polite way of saying freaks and oddities!?) This is opening next week around March 23rd. And I am going to be part of it, including four others; a vocalist who can make extremely odd sounds, a man who can blow up hot water bottles and explode them, a man who fits himself through coat hangers, and other extremely small objects!. Plus, a friend and fellow sideshow performer Vivid Angel!

I'll be performing there a few times a week, on broken glass, my bed of nails and I'll also be eating glass and performing human blockhead! There are also talks of performing fire in the middle of Picadilly Circus - Which I find really exciting! Such a visual stunt in such an iconic location!

I had a photoshoot for press with them yesterday outside the museum. Then we got to have a look inside... It's full of really interesting things, and has many wonderful artifacts and exhibits on sideshow freaks.

I also had a great weekend of fantastic shows at fantastic events.

The Village fate for The Ballad of Magazine
Fangtasia, at Resistance Gallery
Palacio de los Muetros, Barden's Boidour
Oooh La la, Bristol.

Here's a photo of me from at Fangtasia I really love it. Taken by Armando de Ath.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Painting of me by Ella Guru!

A few months ago, the talented artist Ella Guru approached me and mentioned that she wanted to paint a portrait of me for the BP prize.
Naturally I agreed!
Outfits and poses were discussed, and both of us set to work on what we needed to achieve. Of course Ella had more to prepare than I did!

After everything was organised, Ella started to paint. Keeping me updated every few weeks.
And, eventually last week she showed me the finished piece.

I love it!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Sailor Jerry and Recent News

Another busy week ahead of me,
Today has been spent making my next costume for my new act, that should be debuted soon. I'm very excited about it. Gold galore!!
Tuesday (09/03/10) and Wednesday (10/03/10) I'll be doing some promotional work for Sailor Jerry Rum in Leeds and Chester. Looking forward to travelling and working with my friend Nikki. (Miss Kitty Cut Throat).

On Thursday I'll be back in London, to perform at a charity event for Haiti at Barden's Boudoir - Dalston , run by the magazine Ballad Of... http://balladof.co.uk/ There will be a feature interview about me in one of their upcoming issues.

Friday I'll be performing at FANGTASIA - At the Resistance Gallery Bethnal Green, and at PALACIO DE LOS MUERTOS Barden's Boudior - Dalston.

On Sunday I'll be jet setting from London to Bristol to perform at the opening night of OOH LA LA with myself and Joe Black as headliners.

Last week I was filming with Trevor Watson/Tanya Hyde for his new film. I played the cabaret performer (Of course!!) And then on Friday I had a meeting with Ripley's Believe it or Not because they are thinking about having me as part of their live cast of freaks, and 'remarkables'. I'll hear about it within the next two weeks.... Fingers crossed!
If I do get chosen, I'll be working with the lovely and extremely talented Vivid Angel.

Last Friday I had a fantastic time performing at Lady Luck Club at Proud Cabaret London.
Here's a shot of me backstage...

And some shots of me onstage....!

The label in my body stocking really annoys me (I'll have to cut it out!) But I was really pleased with the performance!

I also had a fantastic photoshoot with the renowned photographer Michel Dierick, with make up from Anita Brulee (anitabruleemakeup.com) The shoot was done in the warehouse I live in. Kontiki Studio (google it!!) The reoccurring theme, as with most of my current work was the 1920s/1930s.
There was some inspiration from Galliano, from the old hand painted postcards, and from early cinema.
Can't wait to see them!

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the hair and make up.