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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Burping the Blues!

A new video of myself and Lady Ane Angel burping the alphabet...!
This idea originated during the time between the end of a Gypsy Hotel, and the start of a Sunday morning.. We realised that we could both burp the alphabet, a standard but yet outstanding Muddy Waters Blues riff was added by Paul Ronney Angel, and along came 'Ladies Burp the Blues!' Needless to say we had our first (but not last) gig at Gypsy Hotel soon after...

The brilliantly talented John Bland from One Eyed Monster films made this, and when we were filming none of us could stop laughing!

I'm also currently working on a new documentary film by John Bland called 'Voice of the Night Lily' It focuses on myself and three fellow cabaret performers - Lady Ane Angel, Lalla Morte and Suri Sumatra......

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